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Case Study
Navigating the IPO journey


Foundation phase: diagnostics and goal-setting

  • Analyse corporate strategy and 3-5 year outlook with business owners and management

  • Conduct industry analysis of existing players, their business models and shareholder registers

  • Undertake risk assessment of current and future business challenges

  • Collate and analyse peer-derived valuation benchmarks

  • Run comparative valuation analyses to determine most likely market outcomes

  • Deliver scenario analyses for different execution options and their likely value outcomes

Main deliverables

  • A thorough analysis of the company, its competitive position and investment case

  • Scenario analysis of capital markets options that maximise
    value for its owners


IPO/transaction preparation

  • Act as transaction project managers and bring the company to the point of deal readiness

  • Refine and enhance company's equity story and
    investment case

  • Establish risk management framework (regulatory, licensing, financial reporting and disclosure)

  • Establish optimal legal and organisational structures and
    advise on selection of Board directors

  • Manage external communications, from creation of corporate website to building your corporate reputation with investors and other stakeholders

  • Undertake sustainability audit and establish best-practice
    ESG foundations

Main deliverables

  • Ensure company’s corporate structure is fully compliant and aligned with the needs of strategic and institutional investors

  • Prepare management for the disclosure and investor engagement requirements of a listed company


IPO/transaction execution

  • Onboard financial advisors to execute M&A transaction or IPO (or dual track if appropriate)

  • Support management throughout due diligence process performed by external advisors (banks, auditors, external counsel)

  • Support and/or conduct pilot fishing with investors

  • Deliver full stack deal materials for prospective investors, financial advisors, management and owners

  • Prepare management for IPO roadshow and provide full support throughout

  • Provide post-IPO aftermarket IR and PR support

Main deliverables

  • Execute a successful transaction, supporting  management and business owners at every stage of the process

The IPO journey with your in-house IR team

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